About Us

Lonely Willow Impressions, is a special studio teamed by talented and energetic people, we have an obsessive flair to pursue perfection in photography and videography.

In New Zealand We do have Auckland and Queenstown branches, serve you NZ nationalwidely!

With the ultimate combination of a focused design philosophy and fantastic graphic skills, we will take your cherished images and memories to a new horizon.

We are proudly to be the first studio who film on the top of snow-capped moutain,ariel shootingice caves of glaciers (1st one), even under the most beautiful star galaxy sky (1st one)!


  • We have a stunning bridal gown collection and albums available for you to view;
  • Our portrait/wedding photographers are highly skilled and well-experienced;
  • We provide complimentary photo embellishment, special retouching effects and album design alternatives, which are completed by team of professional designers;
  • With all of our photos, we make negatives instantly available, free of charge;
  • We use only the best cameras, albums and canvases.
  • We offer competitive prices.

Graphic Design and Illustration
All of our designers and illustrators have strong artistic backgrounds, rich with related experience;
Our spontaneous style and boundless imaginations will prove to you that you have made the correct decision by choosing us;
We make digital illustrations in different styles, different formats – bitmap and vector drawings are high on our list of strengths.